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    Claims Management in Income Protection

    Claims Handling Procedure

    On the day the claim is received we will contact the member by phone advising their Case Manager and our claims procedures, we will also post a letter notifying them of this, the letter will also give the member login 24/7 access to our online claims management system and view the current live status of their claims.

    Within 5 working days from the receipt of claim, the Case Manager will make one of the following 3 decisions:

    1. Accept the claim and payment will commence, in accordance with the waiting period and our payment dates.
    2. Reject the claim and notify the member of our decision and outlining the reason why, we will also give the member their rights to appeal.
    3. Requiring further information, such as further medical or employer information etc. Requested information we be followed up weekly and the member will be contacted by their Case Manager on a weekly basis, notifying them of their claim status.


    Beazley Underwriting Pty Ltd regards customer satisfaction of the upmost importance. If you are experiencing any problems or difficulties with our products or services we would like you to tell us straight away so we can resolve any issues you are experiencing, which we will respond within 5 working days from the complaint.

    If the issue cannot be resolved within 5 days the complaint will be referred to our Internal Disputes Resolution Process. Our Internal Disputes Resolution Process will take the following procedure:

    1. Confirm your complaint has been received by phone and letter within 24 hours and advise your point of contact.
    2. we will review your complaint within 15 working days. In the event where we need extra time to assess your complaint we will advise you of the new time frame.
    3. we will provide you with the reasons for our decision in writing adequately address the issues that were raised in the initial complaint.

    If you are not satisfied with our internal disputes resolution we will provide you with access to our External Disputes Resolution Process. This will include providing you with access to Lloyd's Limited's Disputes Resolution Process and the Financial Ombudsman Services.

    Please forward your complaint for us to review and resolved by mail, email, phone or fax. Please include your name and contact details, and nature of the complaint.

    Beazley Underwriting Pty Ltd Complaints Resolution Services

    Attention: Complaints Officer

    Mail: PO Box R1196
    Royal Exchange NSW 1225

    Telephone: 02 8252 7900
    Fax: 02 9252 6643

    For all complaints received by Beazley Underwriting Pty Ltd, as subscribers we are required to abide by the General Insurance Code of Practice and the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice.

    Declined Claims Review Process

    In the event of Beazley Underwriting Pty Ltd declining a claim and you are dissatisfied with our decision, or believe our decision is incorrect, you have the following options.

      1. Review
        You can make a request in writing with attached supporting documentation which will be reviewed by our claims manager; if our decision is unchanged we will refer your claim to the Disputes Claims Group. This group consists of two representatives on your behalf and two from the Beazley Underwriting Pty Ltd. The group's role is to review any claim which has been rejected if a member is not satisfied with our decision. (The entire review process will respond within a total of 15 business days in conjunction with General Insurance Code of Practice guidelines).

      1. Lloyd's Review
        Should the internal and group review not satisfactorily resolve your issue, you may request your claim be reviewed by the Lloyd's General Representative in Australia at Lloyd's Australia Ltd, Suite 2, Level 21 Angel Place, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia, phone (02) 9223 1433, fax (02) 9223 1466. The process is described in the Lloyd's IDR brochure.

    1. Additional Review
      Through your Super Fund/Employer/Union/ or other relevant party also have alternative rights of appeal which are not overridden by any other review outlined above.

    Please ensure you provide all relevant information and any additional documentation when supporting your claim.



    Beazley regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as important and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its Australian clients. Our privacy policy explains how we collect information from you, what we do with it, whom we share it with and how your information may be lawfully and correctly treated by our staff. If you have a question about this Australian Privacy Policy, if you wish to lodge a request to access your personal information or if you believe that Beazley has not protected your personal information as set out in this privacy policy and wish to make a complaint about how we handled your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer at the details below:

    Phone: (02) 8252 7900
    Fax: (02) 9252 6643
    Mail: Beazley
    Attention: Privacy Officer
    PO Box R1196 Royal Exchange NSW 1225

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