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    Cyber defence for superyachts

    Richard Young

    Richard Young

    Focus Group Leader - Hull & War

    Affirmative cyber protection designed for luxury yachts, covering physical damage, loss of access, threatened and actual ransom of the vessel, with in-built risk prevention and immediate incident response.

    Aboard a superyacht, when everything must run seamlessly, managing cyber risk for the vessel is as critical to comfort and traditional safety as ensuring the physical protection and seaworthiness of any vessel.

    Digital technology on board superyachts has continued to enhance safety, efficiency and communications, however this has further increased the interconnectivity of onboard and shore-based systems. This has created unintended complexity which can lead to system failures and vulnerabilities for prospective cyber attackers to exploit a vessel’s network. Ransomware is a prevalent form of cyber threat and used by cybercriminals to gain access to systems, physical assets and information that can be used as leverage for a financial payout.

    Vessels require sophisticated security and risk management measures to protect the physical safety of the owner, their guests, crew and the vessel itself against an invisible cyber threat.

    Superior cover

    This product provides a triple defence mechanism of preventative mitigation services, traditional asset indemnity and immediate response services to incidents. Strengthening defences and preventing vessels becoming targets is at the heart of Beazley’s cyber defence for superyachts cover.

    Our comprehensive risk assessment helps to identify and mitigate potential gaps in security that could leave new policyholders vulnerable. In the unfortunate event of a cyber breach, the cover will provide immediate response services accessible to policyholders via a 24 hour claims hotline. Response services will be tailored to the incident and where a yacht is rendered unsafe or unfit for use, a temporary vessel and emergency accommodation is provided to the assured.

    Cover highlights

    • Affirmative service-led product to cover physical or threatened damage of the vessel
    • Additional cover for loss of use of vessel and, by endorsement, coverage for extortion
    • Defined cyber event peril including malicious and non-malicious events, not including crew negligence
    • Service limits for temporary replacement yacht, emergency accommodation, privacy crises response
    • Post-bind cyber risk preparation services
    • Post-event 24 hour response services including forensic investigation & restitution, public relations expertise and extortion negotiators
    • Crew training – courses are in partnership with Warsash Maritime School, part of Solent University
    • Limits – USD$25m aggregate policy limit.

    First class risk prevention

    The cover has been designed by Beazley’s experienced underwriting, claims, risk and breach response specialists who have applied decades of experience and deep understanding of marine and cyber risk to build a policy that protects the vessels and their systems from these intangible threats and preserves the privacy, safety and comfort of owners, their guests and crew.

    We have selected Cyber Prism  to complement Beazley’s comprehensive insurance cover and provide the inbuilt risk preparation services that will assist in  advancing security and giving assurance that owners and managers are aligning with IMO 2021 guidelines.

    Preparation services for policyholders can include:

    • Advice on establishing the OT & IT Critical Assets Register
    • Survey OT & IT systems for vulnerabilities
    • Review the cyber incident response plan
    • Review cyber policy documents
    • Review access controls and data security
    • Conduct crew briefing/training session
    • Produce cyber plan identifying and prioritising future requirements
    • Cyber intelligence threat scan

    Cyber Defence for Superyachts can be combined with other Beazley cyber products to provide holistic insurance cover for the range of risks that yachts and their owners may face today leaving no risk of unforeseen gaps in cover.

    Demonstrating risk management

    Vessel owners and managers must now demonstrate robust risk management by following cyber risk management guidelines introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on 1st January 2021. The IMO has considerably increased the responsibility of all vessel owners to understand, assess, and manage cyber risk to support safe and secure shipping which is operationally resilient.
    Read more here about the IMO guidelines

    Claims scenarios

    • Malware leads to physical damage to the hull of the vessel and bridge systems while in open water
    • Ransomware corrupts the navigational systems and threatens physical damage to the hull while in port, thus causing departure delays
    • Hackers gain access to the vessel and request a ransom demand for release of the vessel
    • Malware to a third party device connected to the vessel AV system leads to an outage
    • Malware to the hotel services causes internal damage and corrupts the pressure valve system
    • Malware leads to a sprinkler system malfunction and damage to the vessel

    Cyber defence for superyachts team


    Kelly Malynn

    Senior Risk Manager

    Kelly Malynn

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7037

    Richard Young

    Focus Group Leader - Hull & War

    Richard Young

    London, UK

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    Cyber defence for superyachts
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