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    Chris Parker

    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    Beazley Flight is a comprehensive response and evacuation service for organisations to take their people out of harm's way.

    Just as the security of citizens is the first responsibility of a government, so the safety and security of employees - particularly employees dispatched to volatile and dangerous parts of the world - is the first responsibility of a company. For an employee who risks being stranded overseas in a perilous location or with a dangerous medical condition that needs treatment, the imperative is a swift response, and if needed, a safe exit. Beazley Flight has been designed to address this essential need, providing comprehensive emergency services to enable companies to take their employees out of harm's way. For companies with hundreds or even thousands of expatriate or travelling employees, this is not a simple challenge. No two scenarios are alike and the best response will likely derive from long experience of handling the varied risks that can arise. That is why Beazley has set up a panel of experienced experts located physically in every country of the globe to respond to employees emergency needs.


    • Evacuation from a deteriorating political environment that puts a client's employees at serious risk.
    • Natural catastrophe evacuation; such as an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami that presents a severe threat.
    • Evacuation due to a medical emergency that cannot be effectively treated locally.
    • Extortion and detention assistance and negotiation.

    Key service providers

    red 24 is a leading crisis management company, providing advice and evacuation capabilities following natural catastrophes, political violence, abductions, detentions or hijacks. red24 provides comprehensive crisis management and extraction solutions to organisations seeking to minimise the risks to their personnel and dependents.

    Northcott Global Solutions (NGS), a global emergency response and dedicated political and natural disaster evacuation provider, offers a multi dimensional local response to individual client problems using pre vetted service providers. NGS's 24/7 operations centre allows for the creation of tailor made client solutions using diplomatic contacts, local liaison, security companies, and satellite imagery as well as vehicle and personnel tracking systems. NGS personnel have been involved in over 1,000 evacuations in all parts of the world.

    Crux Risk specialises in the management and resolution of crises associated with the crimes of kidnap, extortion, hijack, maritime piracy, accidental or malicious product tampering and wrongful detention. Crux further specialises in solving risk and security problems such as country evacuations, strategic risk assessments, audits and reputation management.

    Specialty Assist, medical emergency specialists, are highly proficient in the world-wide logistics required for medical repatriation. In an overseas environment, accident, illness or medical problems become traumatic experiences. Specialty Assist's medical director and experienced medical co-ordinators ensure that appropriate advice and care is given at each step of the path to recovery.

    Threat monitoring and response coordination

    Beazley uses the NGS crisis operations centre to help clients monitor threats to their employees and to implement the necessary response. The centre is staffed by former military personnel with extensive experience of providing advice in crisis situations. One phone call will provide access to all the support a client needs.

    Staff at the NGS crisis operations centre are empowered to trigger the Beazley Flight policy and liaise with the worldwide responders including: red 24, Crux Risk, Specialty Assist, or a specialist chosen by an insured.


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