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    Chris Parker

    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    When it comes down to it, the crisis that requires you to evacuate your people from a place of danger does not really matter. It may be a natural catastrophe, a terrorist attack, a political crisis, or a medical emergency. As the most comprehensive personnel recovery program on the market, Beazley Flight does not respond to some crises while ignoring others. All we focus on is getting your people out of harm's way.

    For energy producers, of course, political risk often looms large. Coincidences of geology and history mean that much oil and gas production takes place in politically unstable countries. The employees of energy companies caught in a deteriorating political environment can be at severe risk.

    But natural catastrophes can also wreak havoc, particularly in undeveloped economies. Where a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami or freak weather event is the catalyst, the initial focus of our response will always be on stabilization: seeking safety, shelter and, critically, protecting life. The subsequent evacuation requirement will be judged on the ability of the location to reinstate essential services.

    These are just some of the risks that Beazley Flight has been designed to address. Experienced staff at our operations centre in Chicago will monitor all risks to company employees carefully in close consultation with their employers. Most businesses will operate at most times in "alert state green" but, if the situation in a country deteriorates, a graduated response process will begin. At alert state red, an array of precautions will be implemented to minimise risk to local employees and ensure effective communications in the event that the situation should deteriorate further. At alert state black, prudent evacuation plans will be put into effect.

    Safe havens

    An important element of the planning process is the identification of safe havens. These can serve either as an interim holding point or a location where staff will await the conclusion of an ongoing incident. Safe havens should be identified and evaluated in advance of any incident occurring and details re-verified following an escalation of an alert state. The locations should provide ease of verification, physical protection and security; multiple escape routes; robust construction; good communications and suitable medical facilities.

    Liaison with clients

    Many companies will already have detailed plans in place to safeguard their employees. The services provided under the Beazley Flight policy are designed to complement such arrangements, not to require employers to reinvent the wheel. Our specialist service providers have extensive experience of working closely with clients in fluid situations that can require rapid and "unscripted" responses.

    A reassuring presence

    Employees who find themselves at the center of an unfolding crisis are likely to be confused and, almost certainly, afraid. The firms we work with are sensitive to this. They are able to provide clear, calm guidance - and reassurance that the right steps are being taken.

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    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    Chris Parker

    London, UK

    + 44 207 674 7412

    Lucy Straker

    Underwriter - Terrorism

    Lucy Straker

    London, UK

    +44 (0) 207 674 7277

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