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    Chris Parker

    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    Kidnapping has long plagued unstable countries and countries with extreme disparities of wealth and poverty. But today its shadow extends further. For both companies and wealthy families, kidnaps can today occur anywhere, with devastating consequences.

    Kidnap & Ransom, or K&R, insurance was pioneered in the Lloyd's market. At its core is a critical service - the ability to negotiate a safe and successful outcome to a kidnapping, wherever it may occur and whoever may be responsible.

    Beazley's K&R insurance clients benefit from the expertise and worldwide connections of Northcott Global Solutions and Crux Risk, specialist firms with many years of experience negotiating favourable outcomes to K&R and extortion attempts.

    The Beazley K&R policy is available for:


    Most frequently covers all directors, officers and employees. All family members of these covered persons are automatically included.


    Cover for private individuals and their named family members.

    Insured events are:

    • Kidnap
    • Extortion
    • Hijack
    • Detention

    The policy covers:

    • Ransom
    • Loss of ransom in transit
    • Additional expenses
    • Personal accident
    • Legal expenses (Corporate cover only)
    • Unlimited response consultant services

    Crisis management: Key service providers

    Northcott Global Solutions (NGS), a global emergency response and dedicated political and natural disaster evacuation provider, offers a multi dimensional local response to individual client problems using pre vetted service providers. NGS's 24/7 operations centre allows for the creation of tailor made client solutions using diplomatic contacts, local liaison, security companies, and satellite imagery as well as vehicle and personnel tracking systems. NGS personnel have been involved in over 1,000 evacuations in all parts of the world.

    Crux Risk specialises in the management and resolution of crises associated with the crimes of kidnap, extortion, hijack, maritime piracy, accidental or malicious product tampering and wrongful detention. Crux further specialises in solving risk and security problems such as country evacuations, strategic risk assessments, audits and reputation management.


    Up to USD 25 million for each coverage section plus unlimited use of the response consultant services.

    Kidnap and ransom team


    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    Chris Parker

    London, UK

    + 44 207 674 7412

    Lucy Straker

    Underwriter - Terrorism

    Lucy Straker

    London, UK

    +44 (0) 207 674 7277

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    Political risk, trade credit, terrorism & contingency claims
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