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    Roddy Barnett

    Roddy Barnett

    Head of Political Risks & Trade Credit

    Beazley provides specialist insurance protection in respect of emerging markets, political violence, credit and wider political risks to a range of clients including commodity traders; foreign investors; banks and financial institutions; project financiers and sponsors; forfeiting companies; and exporters and importers of goods and services.


    We mitigate our clients' cross-border risks in respect of assets exposed to political force majeure events such as expropriation, wars, acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, and other forms of political violence.

    Risks covered also include:

    • Embargoes, border closures, and other types of government interference including confiscation and deprivation of assets (whether fixed or mobile)
    • Selective discrimination
    • Cancellation of operating licenses or concessions
    • Inability to repatriate dividends or intercompany loans

    These and other acts beyond the client's control can lead to the cessation of their operations and the failure of their investments, as well as to business interruption losses.

    Protection against government sponsored acts

    For companies trading with public and private counter parties, we provide insurance to protect against government sponsored acts before and after shipment of goods, including:

    • Unilateral termination of a contract by a foreign government
    • Cancellation of import and/or export licenses
    • Non-delivery for pre-paid goods; non-payment
    • Inability to convert and/or transfer foreign currency
    • Non-honouring of payment instruments such as central bank guarantees or letters of credits
    • Refusal to pay arbitration awards
    • Wrongful calling of contractual bonds

    Trade credit

    For companies trading with private and public counterparties, we provide insurance to protect against non-payment risk.

    Our trade credit account encompasses:

    • Traditional structures for sale and/or purchase of goods and services on deferred payment terms or for which advances have been made
    • Buyer and supplier credits and insurance in respect of payment instruments
    • Protection against government sponsored acts before and after shipment of goods


    • Political Risks $50,000,000 per risk
    • Non-payment by a government owned entity $50,000,000 per buyer
    • Trade credit/Non-payment by a corporate entity $30,000,000 per buyer


    Up to a maximum of 15 years

    Key Territories


    Political risks & trade credit team


    Alex Hill

    Claims Focus Group Leader - Political and Terrorism

    Alex Hill

    London, UK

    0207 674 7326


    Roddy Barnett

    Head of Political Risks & Trade Credit

    Roddy Barnett

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7525

    Neil Beattie

    Underwriter - Credit & Political Risks

    Neil Beattie

    London, UK

    +44207 674 7785

    Richard Hutton

    Underwriter - Political Risks & Trade Credit

    Richard Hutton

    London, UK

    +44207 667 0579

    Political risks & trade credit forms

    Further wordings and proposals are available upon request. To obtain an indication for cover or further information, please speak to our underwriters.

    Application forms

    Comprehensive Contractors Plant Insurance Application


    Political Risks & Trade Credit Product Sheet (UK version)
    Political risk, trade credit, terrorism & contingency claims

    Wordings / policies

    Comprehensive Contractors Plant & Equipment Cover
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