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    Healthcare in Professional liability

    Miscellaneous - UK & International

    Chris Gamber

    Chris Gamber

    Underwriter - Healthcare (International)

    Beazley insures a wide range of miscellaneous medical service providers such as hospitals; blood and tissue banks; and clinical research organisations.


    Hospitals (including maternity and obstetrics), allied health professional schemes, home health, behavioural health, clinical laboratories, tissue/blood banks, organ procurement organisations, clinical research organisations, prison healthcare, medi-spas, occupational health, healthcare consultants, ground and air ambulances; and recruitment consultants.

    Coverage highlight

    Medical professional, general liability and E&O

    Target market

    • Write not-for-profit, for-profit, publicly traded and government risks
    • We can handle claims, or agree to allow a local TPA to handle claims
    • Hard to place risks are our specialty.


    Large risks - capacity up to GBP£10,000,000 (higher limits are available)

    We write primary excess and excess follow form.

    Key Territories

    Worldwide (excluding United States).

    Miscellaneous - UK & International team


    Chris Gamber

    Underwriter - Healthcare (International)

    Chris Gamber

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7834


    Emmanuelle Saraf

    Claims Manager

    Emmanuelle Saraf

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7703