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    Healthcare in Professional liability

    US hospital professional liability

    Nat Cross

    Nat Cross

    Healthcare Focus Group Leader & Underwriter

    There are over 5,500 hospitals in the US, and Beazley insures many of the best. These include over a quarter of Healthgrades' top hospitals in the US and eleven (out of 18) of the honor roll hospitals and seven (out of 10) of the pediatric honor roll hospitals as listed by US News and World Report.

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    We seek quality focused organizations that are skilled at managing their own risk and that wish to partner with an insurer who trusts them to do this, and who will cooperate rather than interfere.

    Beazley policies provide broad coverage that includes: 

    • Full spectrum of hospital risks insured, from small community through to major tertiary urban teaching institutions
    • Coverage for hospital professional, general and umbrella liability (including executive lines)
    • Employed physicians and residents
    • Non-employed physicians in certain instances
    • Clinical trials
    • Managed care liability
    • Broad medical incident language (i.e. multi-claimant events)
    • Aggregate retentions (subject to the application of a maintenance deductible).

    We will pay these losses:

    Subject to the terms and conditions of the actual policy, we will pay claims for:

    • Damages awarded against the assured
    • Defense costs and expenses

    Limits available

    Up to US $20,000,000

    Target market

    Larger entities managing their own claims and seeking excess protection

    Key territories


    Beazley's QuIRP program is unique in the medical malpractice market. Instead of working from industry-wide quality benchmarks (which frequently conflict with one another), Beazley adopts a tailored approach to the circumstances and needs of each individual client. At the beginning of the policy period, Beazley agrees with the client on a set of target quality improvements. If these targets are met by the end of the policy period, the client will receive a pre-agreed return premium, which may be a substantial sum.

    Under the QuIRP program, a client can receive a payment even if it has made a claim during the policy period. No quality measures can guarantee impunity from lawsuits, but through the QuIRP program Beazley seeks to institutionalize procedures that, over time, should reduce claims.

    Since the inception of the QuIRP program, Beazley has returned over $10,000,000 in premium due to quality improvements put in place by the insureds. 

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    QuIRP Return Premium Counter

    An innovative partnership between Beazley and risk reduction company PeriGen aims to reduce obstetric medical malpractice claims and insurance costs for US hospitals.

    A recent survey from the Washington DC-based American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists found that over 90% of US obstetricians have been sued at least once, while 43% had been sued 2.7 times.

    PeriGen supplies hospitals with technology-based risk management solutions. It has developed bedside technology that provides clinicians and patients with all the information they need, including patients' records, vital signs, foetal monitoring and lab results.  Furthermore, the system can be used as part of a continuous improvement program and because it documents every step of the birthing process, deters litigation where plaintiffs exploit incomplete or poor clarity of patient records.US hospitals that have invested in PeriGen have reported favourable outcomes and Beazley is offering an up-front premium credit to hospitals investing in PeriGen in recognition that claims should reduce.More information on PeriGen's services can be found here:

    Beazley recognises that the benefits of engaging patients in taking an active role in their care include increased patient safety and risk mitigation.

    Enhanced informed patient consent through Emmi Solutions offers a range of online programmes designed to improve and record patient understanding of their recommended medical procedures. Healthcare organizations nationwide use Emmi's web-based education programs to engage patients and positively impact the patient experience across the continuum of care. Informed patient consent is a critical risk management precaution, and Emmi's programmes help ensure that consent is secured.

    Hospitals that utilize Emmi Solutions' interactive healthcare education programs could be entitled to receive a portion of the premium paid for their medical malpractice insurance back at the end of the policy period.Information about Emmi Solutions is available here:

    Beazley promotes the innovative monitoring of hospital patients to provide early warning of clinical crises through OBS Medical's Visensia® technology.

    Recognised by Frost and Sullivan as a 2008 North American Technology Innovation award winner, OBS Medical's Visensia monitoring technology provides early warning of clinical crises. Visensia fuses data from multiple vital signs into a numerical index of a patient's wellness. When the predictive index reaches or surpasses a set threshold, an alert is triggered, indicating a patient may be at greater risk of deterioration.

    Beazley has acknowledged that this type of technology may be beneficial in promoting better patient outcomes. Hospitals implementing Visensia in a manner approved by Beazley's underwriters will be entitled to receive reimbursement of a portion of the premium paid for their medical malpractice insurance back at the end of the policy period.The story behind OBS is a fascinating one - its technology is an adaptation of techniques originally used to monitor jet engines in aircraft - and can be read here: information about how Visensia works can be read here:

    US hospital professional liability team


    Nat Cross

    Healthcare Focus Group Leader & Underwriter

    Nat Cross

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7236

    Matt McCullaugh

    Underwriter - Healthcare

    Matt McCullaugh

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7299

    Valentina Minetti

    Focus Group Leader & Underwriter

    Valentina Minetti

    London, UK

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