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    Many insurers profess to see their clients as unique. Few really do. At Beazley, we have been underwriting professional liability insurance for law firms for 25 years. We understand the interplay of internal and environmental factors that determines each client's risk profile, enabling us to offer differentiated coverage and pricing.

    We know the value of risk management advice that is tailored to meet clients' individual needs. Login to our risk management site to learn more about the broad range of tools and information resources.

    We serve three main types of law firm clients:

    National and Global law firms

    Primarily top 250 firms, well managed and with proven risk management, active in all practice areas.

    Specialist law firms

    Firms that currently or potentially confront coverage challenges due to high profile areas of practice or loss record. These are often specialized 'boutique' practices e.g. plaintiff's bar, intellectual property, securities, antitrust and entertainment.

    Our treaty and program underwriters also insure and reinsure a broad range of smaller law firms.


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