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    Small business in Specialty lines

    Miscellaneous medical professional & general liability

    James Eaton

    James Eaton

    Global Private Enterprise Focus Group Leader

    Small healthcare organisations face a range of increasingly sophisticated risks. In today's litigious business climate, one bodily injury claim has the potential to wipe out a small business's financial resources. Healthcare companies with fewer employees on the payroll are also more likely to use the services of a third-party vendor or volunteers, opening up the potential for additional liability.

    We offer combined miscellaneous medical professional and general liability insurance for a wide array of small healthcare providers.

    Key features

    A professional and general liability policy available on an admitted basis that includes products liability

    Additional coverages available for:

    • Defense limits
    • Abuse and molestation
    • Hired and non owned auto
    • Employee benefits liability
    • WA and OH stop gap
    • Twin Towers 

    Target market

    A broad spectrum of companies, including (but not limited to):

    • Ambulance - Ground, Patient Transport
    • Case management
    • Diagnostic and dialysis centers
    • Home health
    • Hospice care
    • Medical laboratories and clinics
    • Occupational and physical therapy
    • Imaging centers (CAT Scan, MRI, X-Ray, etc.)

    Limits available

    • Up to US $5M
    • Minimum deductible: $1,000
    • Minimum premiums: $500 


    US, will consider risks with non-US operations and/or exposures

    Miscellaneous medical professional & general liability team


    Claire Chapman

    Focus Group Leader & Underwriter

    Claire Chapman

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7594

    James Eaton

    Global Private Enterprise Focus Group Leader

    James Eaton

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7734

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