1. Purchase

Your organization purchases a BBR policy with breach response coverage for up to five million notified individuals.

2. Register

Register at www.beazleybreachsolutions.com, our risk management portal that helps you plan for incident response, improve your cybersecurity, and train employees.

3. Notify

Notify BBR Services of the potential breach at bbr.claims@beazley.com

4. Mobilize

A BBR Services manager quickly connects with you to provide practical guidance and help you select expert breach response counsel and forensics, if needed, to investgate the incident.

6. Coordinate

BBR Services works with your team and the providers to finalize notification lists and draft notification letters, call center FAQs, and regulatory notifications.

5. Guidance

With expert breach response guidance, your organization decides if notification is required, considers credit or identity monitoring solutions, and is prepared for public and regulatory inquiries.

7. Monitoring

Affected individuals receive their notification letters and may enroll in offered monitoring services.

8. Reports

You get progress reports on mailings and credit monitoring enrollment. Your BBR Services manager stays in close contact with you and the providers through the process.

BBR Timeline