Environmental risks threaten a wide variety of commercial organizations, including owners of property; industrial and commercial operations; general and specialty contractors; and the environmental services industry. These risks give rise to complex claims and can benefit from strong risk management and claims support.

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Environmental Liability


We have assembled a global team of seasoned underwriters, risk management experts and claims managers who are committed and ready to assist policyholders whenever and wherever necessary. Our environmental liability team complements our capabilities in both property insurance and architects and engineers professional liability. 

Our highly experienced underwriters have a broader appetite for environmental hazards than many insurers.  For example, our fixed site pollution liability policy, Beazley Eclipse, offers a ten year policy term for both existing and new conditions.  Our underwriters are willing to consider sites with a long history of industrial activity.

We currently offer the following coverage on a non-admitted basis:

Beazley ECLIPSE® - Covered location pollution liability

Beazley ENVIRO - Environmental and professional liability

BeazleyOne ENVIRO  - General liability, professional and environmental liability package for environmental service firms

Environmental liability