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    Beazley is an expert in the Digital healthcare sector and has created a medical malpractice insurance package specifically designed for small businesses.

    Cover overview

    In addition to our medical malpractice, we are also able to consider cover for:

    • Professional indemnity
    • Public/General liability
    • Products liability
    • Loss of documents
    • Breach of professional confidentiality
    • Libel & slander
    • Inquest costs
    • Good Samaritan acts
    • GMC/GDC investigation costs
    • Cyber and data breach
    • Reputational harm
    • Business interruption
    • Personal accident
    • Contents

    Target market

    A range of small businesses can benefit from Beazley's medical malpractice cover including:

    • Aesthetic practitioners/Clinics ranging from Beauty therapists, tattoo artists to licensed clinical practitioners and cosmetic surgery
    • Complementary Medical Practitioners. For example acupuncturists, counsellors, homeopaths, hypnotherapists, masseurs and reflexologists, fitness trainers, gyms, companion support workers.
    • Allied healthcare practitioners/clinics for example:
    • Nurses for example: Practice nurse, Advanced, mental health, school nurse, vascular nurse etc
    • Carers for example: Carer, Senior carer, Healthcare Assistants,  etc
    • Technicians: paramedics, advanced paramedics, emergency medical technicians, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, first aiders/event work, podiatrists, speech therapists, opticians, repatriations
    • Animal: Vets, Domestic, equine dentists,
    • Practitioners:For example Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ENT, Psychiatrists, Haematologists, Palliative Medicine

    UK limits up to

    • £5m any one claim
    • £10m in the aggregate

    Ireland limits up to

    • €6.5m any one claim
    • €13m in the aggregate

    These products are available on our myBeazley platform, which provides brokers with the ability to quote, buy and service a range of specialist insurance products for their clients at the touch of a button.

    By combining Beazley's expertise in specialist insurance with the simplicity of an award winning system, we have created a trading platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

    Find out more

    Medical Malpractice for Small Businesses team


    Lisa Burrows

    Underwriter - International PE miscmed

    Lisa Burrows

    London, UK

    +44 797 113 0427

    Katie Caris-Harris

    Underwriter - Healthcare

    Katie Caris-Harris

    London, UK

    Kayte Roarty

    Underwriter - International PE miscmed

    Kayte Roarty

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7062

    Medical Malpractice for Small Businesses forms

    Application forms

    Registered medical practitioners proposal form
    Registered animal practitioners
    Non hospital medical surgical providers
    Complementary medical Practitioners
    Equine dentistry medical malpractice
    Aesthetic cosmetic


    Medical malpractice for small business fact sheet
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