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    Telehealth: Patient’s digital medical record not checked

    • A patient subscribes to a GP consultation app service. The app provider uses a network of freelance doctors one of whom fails to check the patient’s allergy history contained in the digital records held by the app service. The patient has a fatal reaction to the penicillin based antibiotic prescribed by the doctor during the virtual consultation. The app provider and doctor would both be at risk of a medical malpractice liability claim.

    mHealth: App misses signs of skin cancer

    • An app is designed to check patients’ skin for signs of skin cancer, by taking a photograph of any suspicious lesions, with a timely response direct to the patient’s phone. The app’s AI technology fails to flag a patient’s cancerous lesions for further investigation, resulting in a claim.

    Lifestyle & wellness

    • An app provides advice on nutrition and appropriate medication for individuals with allergies. A particular user whose allergy has been captured by the app is advised incorrectly that a particular food supplement is safe to take when it is not, resulting in a severe allergic reaction.

    Cyber: Employee clicks on a hoax email

    • An employee of a psychiatry helpline receives a hoax email, purportedly from HMRC, asking them to click on a link to claim a rebate. Two weeks later the member of staff receives an email stating that the helpline’s network has been hacked, its data encrypted and that it will only be restored if they contact a stated email address to receive details of a ransom demand.
    • To ensure sensitive data is not compromised, the helpline immediately shuts down its apps and supporting information systems.

    In such circumstances, Beazley Virtual Care provides breach response services (of particular value in this case would be legal advice, computer expert services, and public relations); data recovery costs; cyber extortion loss; and business interruption loss.

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