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    We want to use our expertise, influence and passion as a force for good in our local communities and the wider world.

    From designing products that do good for society to volunteering in our local communities - we are passionate about being a responsible business.


    We have a global charity partnership with All Hands and Hearts, who support the needs of communities impacted by natural disasters by restoring and rebuilding homes, schools and more.

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    In November 2017, Beazley sent eight employees from all over the world to an All Hands and Hearts project in Nepal. The volunteers spent two weeks working with the local community and our charity partner to help build a local school.

    Our Team Nepal volunteers:

    • Prepared 46 bags of cement
    • Laid 7813 bricks
    • Poured 50 bags of cement
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    “Their (Team Beazley) contribution to the two projects was commendable and is highly appreciated. We miss them all and would love to have them back.”

    Soniya Baircharya

    Project Manager - All Hands and Hearts


    Every September is our global community volunteering month Make a Difference.   Colleagues from all over the world support their local communities through activities such as spending time with the elderly, cooking food for those in need to educating local young people about careers in the workplace.  In 2017, over 500 employees took part in Make a Difference and volunteered over 2000 hours.

    Beazley is also committed to supporting local young people and children in need through their education and strengthening their skills to enter employment.   We do this by:

    • Helping young children to read
    • Mentoring students
    • Running career skills workshops
    • Offering summer internships 

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    “Thank you for the amazing presentation about insurance and women in the workplace. It really got me interested in the concept of insurance and I am now considering going into the insurance industry.”

    Samira Salam

    Beazley career skills workshop attendee


    We believe that the insurance we offer is a source of value, not just to our clients but to our global communities. Insurance helps individuals, businesses and communities pick themselves up after potentially catastrophic events and rebuild.

    At Beazley we look for ways to develop products and practices that make profit and do good for society. For example, our healthcare underwriters work closely with hospitals to incentivise them to invest in measures that will improve patient safety.


    To ensure we support and protect the environment as effectively as possible, we will focus on:

    1. Our offices: ensuring the environmental impact from our offices is minimal and finding ways to enhance them so they have a more positive impact;
    2. Our procurement: leveraging our buying power and working with suppliers to make a positive environmental impact;
    3. Our people & communications: engaging our people to help achieve our goals, consider their environmental approach outside of work and keep them informed of what we are doing

    Beazley has been a signatory to the Insurance Sector’s ClimateWise initiative since 2007.

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    Beazley has signed up to the Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT UK) Women in Finance Charter to help build a more balanced and fair financial services industry, by working together with other signatories to see gender balance at all levels across the sector. Find out more about our commitment to the Women in Finance Charter.

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