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    Christina Herald

    Christina Herald

    Underwriter - Management Liability

    Beazley Safeguard combines advanced risk management and proven crisis response services with effective insurance. It is designed to help clients minimize the risk of sexual abuse within their organizations, and to respond effectively if an event occurs.

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    Sexual molestation liability coverage is becoming a business necessity for contractors
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    An allegation of abuse, whether founded or unfounded, can have potentially disastrous consequences for the affected organization. Perceptions of insensitivity or mishandling can easily compound the error in the eyes of alleged victims, their families, the public and, potentially, the courts.

    Since 2006 Beazley has provided risk management guidance and insurance to institutions that face such risks. We have learned that a prompt and appropriate response is critical: perceptions of stonewalling can be catastrophic. However, even the best of intentions can be misinterpreted when dealing with a sensitive and emotionally charged situation.

    With this in mind, we have created Beazley Safeguard, an offering that combines advanced risk management and proactive crisis response services with effective insurance. Beazley Safeguard is designed to help clients minimize the risk of abuse within their organization, and to respond effectively if an event occurs.


    We will consider submissions from all industries and our experience has allowed us to identify six key markets:

    Also, a wide range of companies are increasingly being mandated to purchase this coverage via contractual requirements (for example, contractors working on site at a school) and we can offer them appropriate cover. General liability policies, many previously silent, now often expressly exclude the coverage, requiring insureds to obtain the cover on a stand-alone basis.

    Drawing on our well of experience in this risk space we’ve compiled some informative content to help debunk some of the common misconceptions regarding SML and the nature of the coverage available to address exposures.

    Safeguard team


    Olivia Nelson

    Claims Manager Specialty Lines

    Olivia Nelson

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    Ben Accardo

    Claims Manager

    Ben Accardo

    Farmington, CT, USA

    +1 860 674 3912


    Lindsey Fyfe

    Production Underwriter, DWP & Safeguard

    Lindsey Fyfe

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    +1 770 351 1738

    Christina Herald

    Underwriter - Management Liability

    Christina Herald

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    Kyle Rolf

    Production Underwriter - DWP & Safeguard

    Kyle Rolf


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    The descriptions contained on this website are for preliminary informational purposes only. In the US, the product may be available on an admitted basis in some but not all jurisdictions through Beazley Insurance Company, Inc. In other US jurisdictions, the product is underwritten by Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's and is available only on a surplus lines basis through licensed surplus lines brokers. The publication and delivery of the information contained herein is not intended as a solicitation for the purchase of insurance on any US risk.

    Except where products are issued by Beazley Insurance Company, Inc., coverages are underwritten by Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's and will vary depending on individual country law requirements and may be unavailable in some countries.  The exact coverage afforded by the products described herein is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of each policy issued.

    Some coverages are made available through Beazley USA Services, Inc., which is a service company that is a part of the Beazley Group and has authority to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of the Lloyd's underwriting members of Lloyd's syndicates 623 and 2623 which are managed by Beazley Furlonge Limited.  Beazley USA Services, Inc. is licensed and regulated by insurance regulatory authorities in the respective states of the US and transacts business in the State of California as Beazley Insurance Services (License#: 0G55497).

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