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    Large commercial

    Simon Jackson

    Simon Jackson

    Head of Open Market

    We insure a very wide range of insureds, from single location firms to multinational corporations throughout the world on an All Risks or Difference in Conditions (DIC) basis.

    Our senior underwriters, writing on behalf of Lloyd's syndicates 2623 and 623, lead both primary and excess commercial property business, and provide substantial capacity to key customers who are committed to managing their own risks and who look for long term stability in price and relationship. With the support of recognised engineers we work with our customers on all aspects of risk management and control.

    We place strong emphasis on service to enhance our product through high underwriting skill levels, accompanied by in-house technical support from claims, catastrophe modeling, and policy wordings specialists. We have taken a market leading position on contract certainty fulfilment.


    Financial loss as a result of physical damage to buildings, contents, machinery, equipment and stock, as well as losses reducing business turnover caused by insured perils.

    Commercial Property Worldwide All Risks Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for the risks to which properties around the world are exposed, whether they arise from perils of nature or human acts.

    Worldwide Difference in Conditions (DIC) insurance is one means of protecting against the risks not covered in either an All Risks or a Named Perils policy. Such a policy typically covers against perils of nature and aims to remove the risks that commercial enterprises face in connection with their daily activities.

    Limits available

    Up to US $20,000,000 any one risk

    Target market

    Includes commercial real estate, municipal properties, electronics, grain, mining, retail, railroads, steel, power generation, utilities, roads, bridges and tunnels.

    Key territories

    • North America
    • Europe
    • South East Asia
    • Australasia
    • Caribbean
    • South Africa