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    US SBC in US Homeowners


    We are an established leader of financial institutions insurance and are constantly updating coverage to keep abreast of the growing needs of the financial sector. The following products are currently available, but we are willing to look at any new requirements as well.

    Mortgage impairment

    This coverage protects the contingent interest of the financial institution in respect of the mortgages it has granted for its own account or services for others, in the event of a lack of physical loss or damage insurance either caused by the borrower not renewing, the institution failing to purchase or the insurance carrier becoming deficient.

    Forced placed/master fire property

    This provides fire and extended coverage, all risks of physical loss or damage insurance on loans known to be uninsured. It can protect the dual interest of both the borrower and the financial institution or just the financial institution.

    Involuntary unemployment insurance

    This provides cover to protect the insured and its members should the member become involuntarily unemployed.

    Mortgage fraud

    This product indemnifies the assured should they suffer a loss resulting directly from a wrongful act that results in the default of a covered loan and the foreclosure sale of the property.

    Vendors/lenders single interest

    This insurance has four aspects to it. The main coverage protects the contingent interest of the financial institution in respect of their consumer loans when there is insufficient or no physical loss or damage insurance in place following a loss to the item which is subject to the loan. The second aspect covers the accidental non-filing of the loan. The third coverage happens when the borrower fails to keep up the repayments and has disappeared with the item and the fourth is for physical loss or damage to vehicles which have been repossessed and are awaiting sale.

    Identity theft insurance

    This product will reimburse the assureds' members for expenses resulting from identity theft including a stolen identity occurring on or out of the use of the internet.