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    Beazley ECLIPSE®, in its base form, provides comprehensive coverage developed to help you mitigate damages and loss resulting from claims for bodily injury, property damage, cleanup and the destruction of natural resources due to pollution conditions on, at, under or migrating from a covered location.


    • Covered location pollution liability - new and existing pollution conditions (bodily injury, property damage, cleanup costs, natural resource damage, claim expenses with first party discovery and/or third party coverage trigger)
    • Transportation pollution liability (coverage for third party carriers and insured as carrier, and includes coverage for inbound and outbound waste, materials, goods or products)
    • Non-owned disposal site pollution liability (blanket locations, both onsite and offsite coverage)
    • Coverage for known pollution conditions disclosed in the application, subject to underwriting
    • Coverage for pass-through contamination migrating to and/or through a covered location from an offsite source
    • Defendants' reimbursement extension - up to $500 per day, subject to a maximum of $10,000 per claim
    • Reputation management reimbursement - up to 50% of $100,000 to assist clients in managing their reputational risk after a loss
    • Definition of bodily injury includes medical monitoring, mental anguish and emotional distress
    • Definition of cleanup costs includes restoration costs and allows for participation in voluntary cleanup programs
    • Civil fines and penalties, punitive and exemplary damages where insurable by law
    • Definition of pollution condition includes medical infectious and pathological waste, low-level radioactive waste and material, Legionella and microbial matter (i.e., fungus or mold)
    • Definition of property damage includes diminished value and natural resource damage
    • Coverage for asbestos and lead-based paint in any soil, watercourse/body of water or in groundwater
    • Coverage for scheduled, divested locations
    • Automatic 90-day extended reporting period (ERP) and right to purchase additional ERP
    • Primary coverage
    • 90-day notice of cancellation
    • Policy assignment with prior written consent
    • Option for choice of law
    • Pre-claims assistance
    • Risk management services

    Environmental liability coverage enhancements 

    • Institutional controls
    • Carbon capture and sequestration
    • Underground storage tank(s)
    • Evidence of financial responsibility
    • Lead-based paint and asbestos (BI/PD and Cleanup)
    • Business interruption and extra expense
    • Loss of rental/tenant income
    • Delay in construction costs
    • Incidental contractor's pollution liability
    • Aggregate retention subject to maintenance deductible  


    Beazley will consider risks ranging in size from single-site habitational, commercial and retail locations to scheduled portfolios of industrial, treatment/storage/disposal (TSD) and petroleum bulk storage facility locations.

    Target market

    Risks including but not limited to habitational, commercial, retail, agricultural, golf courses/resorts/recreation, warehousing and distribution, educational, healthcare, landfills, recycling, TSDs, transportation, rail yards, manufacturing, industrial, storage tanks, chemical, municipalities, Department of Defense and Department of Energy

    Key territories

    Worldwide where permitted by applicable law


    Up to US $25,000,000  

    Beazley ECLIPSE team

    Focus group leaders

    Jayne Cunningham

    Focus Group Leader - Environmental

    Jayne Cunningham


    Greg Dunn

    Underwriter - Environmental

    Greg Dunn

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

    +1 215 446 8415

    Miles Foxworth

    Underwriter - Environmental

    Miles Foxworth

    Toronto, Canada

    +1 303 927 1556

    Jenny Han

    Underwriter - Environmental

    Jenny Han

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    +1 415 263 4073

    Nicholas Pearson

    Underwriter - Environmental

    Nicholas Pearson

    London, UK

    Elham Tallackson

    Underwriter - Environmental, Specialty Lines

    Elham Tallackson

    Chicago, IL, USA

    Beazley ECLIPSE forms

    Application forms

    Beazley ECLIPSE application

    Claim forms

    Environmental liability claims form

    The descriptions contained on this website are for preliminary informational purposes only. In the US, the product may be available on an admitted basis in some but not all jurisdictions through Beazley Insurance Company, Inc. In other US jurisdictions, the product is underwritten by Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's and is available only on a surplus lines basis through licensed surplus lines brokers. The publication and delivery of the information contained herein is not intended as a solicitation for the purchase of insurance on any US risk.

    Except where products are issued by Beazley Insurance Company, Inc., coverages are underwritten by Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's and will vary depending on individual country law requirements and may be unavailable in some countries.  The exact coverage afforded by the products described herein is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of each policy issued.

    Some coverages are made available through Beazley USA Services, Inc., which is a service company that is a part of the Beazley Group and has authority to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of the Lloyd's underwriting members of Lloyd's syndicates 623 and 2623 which are managed by Beazley Furlonge Limited.  Beazley USA Services, Inc. is licensed and regulated by insurance regulatory authorities in the respective states of the US and transacts business in the State of California as Beazley Insurance Services (License#: 0G55497).

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