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    Beazley's pioneering insurance policy covers all organizations involved in the provision of telemedicine.

    Telemedicine offers significant benefits for healthcare providers and patients alike. But the risks for all participants in the telemedicine value chain can be significant. Virtual Care provides wide-ranging and flexible protection. The coverage also protects companies bridging the gap between technology and healthcare in fields such as lifestyle management, wearable devices and related service providers.

    Currently, a company active in the telemedicine sector will normally need at least two insurance policies, and often more, to cover its varied exposures. Virtual Care avoids the potential gaps in coverage that can arise with such a piecemeal approach. 

    Most of Beazley's clients (see chart ) are mid sized and small healthcare service providers. These include remote providers of physician or psychiatric consultations through an app or online portal. But providers of lifestyle management services, such as weight loss coaching and treatments for male baldness, have also purchased coverage. A third market segment comprises the technology companies that make telemedicine possible, including software/hardware manufacturers or developers and platform hosts.


    • Professional Liability (medical malpractice)
    • Technology based services liability
    • Technology products liability
    • General liability and products/completed operations liability
    • Fire legal liability
    • Medical payments
    • Employee benefits liability
    • Information security and privacy liability
    • Privacy breach response services
    • Regulatory defense and penalties
    • PCI fines, expenses and costs
    • Multimedia and advertising liability
    • Physician limits that automatically adjust basedon jurisdiction (PA, LA, IN, VA, NY)
    • Blanket coverage for physicians, independent contractors and other level providers.

    Coverages are provided in separate towers subject to a policy aggregate.

    General liability is available on a claims made or occurrence form.


    • All 50 states
    • True worldwide coverage for claims brought anywhere in the world
    • Surplus lines basis.


    • Patient and provider matching
    • Second opinions
    • Follow-up care
    • Pinpoint delivery of specialty care
    • Delivery of remote care
    • Remote monitoring of patients
    • Health products
    • Web based information.

    Who we can insure

    • Medical providers (physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, NPs/PAs, RNs; hospitals and other medical facilities; dentists and many other ancillary providers)
    • Software/hardware/products manufacturers or developers (smart phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, watches, medallions
    • Telemedicine platform hosts.

    Your team

    For organizations with revenues of less than $35m, please contact one of our private enterprise (PE) underwriters, Kyle Laudadio or Myong Lee, below. For larger organizations, please contact Jennifer Schoenthal, Chris Dunlavy or Evan Smith on our healthcare team (contact details below).     

    Virtual Care team


    Chris Dunlavy

    Miscellaneous Medical Underwriter

    Chris Dunlavy

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    +1 770 351 1696

    Tim Elliott

    Underwriter - Healthcare

    Tim Elliott

    Houston, TX, USA

    +1 312 476 6270

    Kyle Laudadio

    Underwriter - US PE

    Kyle Laudadio

    New York, NY, USA

    +1 917 344 3319

    Myong Lee

    Private Enterprise Underwriter

    Myong Lee

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    +1 770 351 1746

    Jennifer Schoenthal

    Miscellaneous Medical Underwriter

    Jennifer Schoenthal

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    Evan Smith

    Miscellaneous Medical FGL

    Evan Smith

    Chicago, IL, USA

    +1 416 777 6884

    Virtual Care forms

    Application forms

    Virtual Care Application
    Virtual Care Policy - CM and OCC F00619
    Virtual Care Policy - CM F00620


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    Virtual Care - middle market