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Telemedicine offers significant benefits for healthcare providers and patients alike, providing on-demand access to high quality and often specialist medical expertise that may be difficult or impossible to access locally.

However the advance of telemedicine also comes with risks. These include those that derive from shortcomings in the data and health advice provided, as well as error or malfunction in the technologies themselves, alongside data privacy and security concerns.

Those active in the sector would normally need at least two insurance policies, and often more, to cover their varied exposures. Beazley Virtual Care avoids the potential gaps in coverage that can arise with such a piecemeal approach. The coverage can be tailored to meet the needs of all participants in the value chain.

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We understand that the telemedicine/telehealth industry is vast and the categories of services are endless. Beazley has been underwriting risks in this space for many years and has learned a thing or two about the nuances associated with this industry. Below is a sample of our thought leadership that showcases our thinking in this space. To learn more about how Beazley can help your organization, please contact your insurance broker to learn more about Beazley’s Virtual Care. If you do not have a broker, click here and complete the quick questionnaire for us to connect you with a broker in your location.

Three Beazley underwriters discuss the fast-growing digital health space and how technology is being used to both monitor and manage health, and the implications for insurance and risk management.

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