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Full Spectrum Cyber

A brighter cyber future? We say #GameOnCyber, for our clients and brokers.

  • Pre-emptive. Responsive. Adaptive. Insurance.

    No one wants to be at the sharp end of a cyber-attack. Our Full Spectrum Cyber solution keeps you ahead in the battle against cybercrime. So you can look forward with confidence, knowing the best team in the business has your back. 

    Cyber risks never stand still and neither do we. We help you pre-empt these risks, respond to them, and adapt as new ones emerge. It’s this constantly moving, evolving approach that makes Full Spectrum Cyber so different from static cyber protection.


Pre-emptive Cyber

When it comes to managing cyber risks, preparation is fundamental. Our team keeps you one step ahead of bad actors by combining technology and hands-on support. We do whatever it takes to build your resilience to attack.

Responsive Cyber

When you partner with Beazley, you instantly multiply your own cyber strength. Suspicious activity? Our global team immediately investigates. And if an incident happens, we mobilise everything at our disposal in an instant.

Adaptive Cyber

Our clients stay with us long term because of how our Full Spectrum Cyber continuously adapts and improves. The intelligence we access will always be available to you. And we provide expertise and guidance to help you navigate the changing legal and regulatory environment.

We offer cyber solutions for any size business.

Full Spectrum Cyber is for scale-ups, multinationals and every business in between. 

"Full spectrum cyber brings together all of Beazley's deep capabilities so that you have a cyber solution that is always preemptive responsive and adaptive."

Paul Bantick
Global Head of Cyber Risks

What makes Full Spectrum Cyber unique?

At Beazley, we’ve been pioneers in cyber risk and insurance for over two decades, and all that experience goes into everything we do. Our unique, interconnected ecosystem means our specialists are at the forefront of cyber risk.


Case studies

We've successfully resolved more than 25,000 cyber claims.

From law to retail to education, we say game on, for our clients and brokers.