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Cyber services to the Rescue

June 16, 2023

Our latest Cyber Services Snapshot  reveals that cyber incidents, including phishing are on the rise. Now, imagine that the client begins the day as normal but logs on to find a threatening ransomware demand. What should the client do? What advice would you give the client? 

This is the point where our Cyber Services team steps in. One quick call to our team results in immediate action by our network of IT experts, forensic investigators, legal advisors, Public Relations and crisis management teams, all dedicated to solving the incident.  Here’s an example of how our team get to work during the critical first 48 hours after a ransomware incident. 

Now, think about your clients, especially those small businesses – do they have the means, manpower or knowledge to start this action plan in 48 hours? 

A cyber breach isn’t always a disaster. Mishandling it is.  Find out more about our cyber solutions Beazley Breach Response today.