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Product Recall for Small Businesses

The exposures related to manufacturing errors or product recalls are ongoing and increasing in occurrence regardless of a company’s size or industry. Beazley’s Product Recall offering is an innovative insurance solution that provides comprehensive protection businesses and customers need from recall risks.

What we offer

When a manufacturing error or recall incident occurs, our comprehensive coverage will reimburse insureds for the exposures related to manufacturing errors or product recalls are ongoing and increasing in occurrence regardless of a company’s size or industry. No matter where a company resides in the supply chain, these exposures can pose a significant impact to a company’s balance sheet and reputation.

Our coverage is designed to reimburse our insureds for the costs they incur to get their product out of the stream of commerce, replace it, as well as the expenses to protect their brand and mitigate the loss. In addition to the product replacement and brand reputation coverage, we also provide coverage to protect their profits as well as the damages incurred by a third party.

How can we help

We are here to help our clients by providing them with a comprehensive insurance solution to protect their balance sheet and customers. Brokers and policyholders benefit from our global expertise, efficient claims handling, best-in-class consultants by line of business, and experienced and innovative underwriting capabilities.  

Beazley also provides clear and concise policy forms that provide greater clarity for clients, along with unique policy elements like the ability to write policies with no self-insured retention or double loss aggregates, and coverage for smaller businesses that other insurers overlook (i.e. government advisory as defined in the consumable products policy).

The Beazley Difference


Freedom lies in being bold. We dare to be different and seek bold possibilities to create more innovative, fair and satisfying outcomes for our clients, brokers and employees. From insuring the highest building in the world, to the first commercial lunar vehicle to operate on the moon - we boldly go where others won’t.


Good is a start, but we go all-out for better.  A driven community of individuals relentlessly push the needle and creating value. From launching the market’s first dedicated ESG syndicate to the establishment of our business unit focusing on designing digital insurance solutions, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond.  Simply put, at  Beazley we go to 11.  


Acting with integrity in a straightforward, decent way is instinctive. Open and honest with others, we show respect and empathy however challenging the situation – demonstrated by our multi-award winning claims team.  Doing the right thing makes for a fair-minded, rewarding environment and makes work and life better for all.

Examples or Scenarios

Consumables - $58M frozen bakery products manufacturer – Insured bakery detected metal in its finished pastry resulting in three weeks of lost production. The insured was reimbursed over $1.5 million in lost inventory, customer credits, and freight, storage and disposal costs. Beazley is coordinating a subrogation action against ingredient supplier.

Consumer Goods - $11M chafing dish fuel manufacturer – Insured withdrew chafing dish fuel canisters when customer complained leaking cans were causing property damage to adjacent products. The insured was reimbursed $32,000 in customer credits and for affected inventory and freight, re-packing and disposal costs.

Your Beazley Team

Alex Marti

Alex Marti

Focus Group Leader - US Product Recall

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Angela Beaupre

Angela Beaupre

Product Specialist - Product Recall

West Hartford, CT, USA

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Maggie Dunn

Maggie Dunn

Underwriter - Beazley Digital

Boston, MA, USA

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