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2022 progress

  • Women in senior leadership roles


    Target of 45% by end of 2023

  • People of Colour representation in workforce


    Target of 25% by end of 2023 achieved in 2022

  • People of Colour in senior leadership


    Target of 17% by end of 2027

  • Strong employee engagement score


    Outperforms benchmark

Inclusion and Diversity

Beazley’s inclusion and diversity strategy is focused on setting, meeting and then stretching our targets to achieve the talented and diverse team that together will deliver outstanding results for our business. Our executive team has diversity objectives linked to remuneration and we use data to show where our talent pipeline needs more focus to mitigate bias.

Having achieved our bold target on People of Colour* in the workforce a year early and a quarter of the group being Black employees, we’ve now turned our attention to the diversity of our senior management. Our new target is for at least 17% of our senior leadership team to be People of Colour by the end of 2027 from 11% today.


*At Beazley, the term People of Colour is used to describe the collective group of people who identify as part of; American Indian, Alaskan Natives, Arab, Asian, Black, Chinese,  Hispanic, Latinx, Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, Indian or mixed and multiple racial identities, or other racial identities excluding those who identify as White

Network Activity

With ambitious targets to achieve, we are proud to have a vibrant group of employee networks across the company to help the business create an even more diverse and inclusive culture.

Beazley Families
Beazley Proud
Beazley RACE
Beazley SHE
Beazley Wellbeing

You can find more information about Beazley’s policies and procedures, both statutory and voluntary, that ensure we meet our legal, moral and business obligations and continue to develop our diverse and talented workforce by visiting our Responsible Business Governance page.