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Beazley RACE

We are committed to becoming a more diverse organisation that attracts and enables individuals from all backgrounds to build meaningful careers at all levels in a positive, inclusive environment.

Beazley RACE

Beazley RACE (Race, Culture & Ethnicity), aims to foster an environment of belonging for colleagues from races and ethnicities that are minorities within our workforce. This network is active in helping to build an environment in which different cultures can be understood, accepted and celebrated; and actively supports Beazley's goal of enhancing the racial and ethnic diversity of our workforce. Their activities have included celebrating Black History Months in the UK and the USA, profiling prominent individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds, hosting ‘Culture Days’ across international offices, creating podcasts, sharing stories and hosting webinars on topics from Judaism or Sikhism through to raising awareness and money in response to the rise in hate crimes against the Asian American community and much more.    

Beazley RACE Sponsorship Panel Session



Beazley Race presents the D&IQ podcast