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Healthcare Cyber & Tech Report

Proceed with caution: addressing today’s healthcare technology risks

Healthcare and life sciences executives are less confident this year, compared to last year, about anticipating and responding to technology risks.  While on the surface this data might hint at heightened concerns, our data illustrates a mature understanding and management of the risks. It appears these executives lean towards a conservative outlook anchored in robust industry knowledge – and a strong understanding of exactly what is and is not within organisations’ control today.

Responses from healthcare and life sciences firm executives: Preparedness to respond to technology risks

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A year-over-year decrease in healthcare industry executives’ perceived preparedness to anticipate and respond to technology risks shows a certain degree of prescience; they may be cautious and concerned about what the future brings right now–and rightly so."
Evan Smith

Product Leader - Global Healthcare - Leadership

Key Findings

Explore the reasons healthcare and life sciences organizations should be concerned about cyber risk.

How we can help

We see our healthcare policyholders responding well to technology risks – and we work hard to give them the tools and information they need to do so effectively

Despite all the caution they bring to the table, healthcare executives remain hopeful for the future. (For more on the ways that technology is fueling this optimism, click here.) Our team is here to help them get there.


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