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Executive Risk

Holding a senior position in an organisation is a great honour. But with it comes responsibility. We are a strong, established, and long-term partner with specialised management liability solutions.

The Environment

The business liability landscape is constantly shifting, creating new exposures for senior executives at businesses of all sizes. Today they are fuelled in part by advances in technology and market developments, in part by macroeconomic and environmental risk factors. Additionally, there is the continuation of more traditionally held risks such as changes in legislation and regulation, business interruption and loss of reputation.

The Risk

Increased focus from shareholders, regulators and activist groups, means that environmental risk has expanded from being an operational issue to a reputational issue. 

Organisations face a complex range of traditional and evolving threats, that are demonstrated in our Risk & Resilience client research; from supply chain instability, business interruption, boardroom (director failure), reputation, employer risk (looking after staff post COVID-19) to inflation rises and increased penalty fines & claims severity. 

The Need

To enable organisations and senior executives to operate without fear and focus on thriving, a strong, experienced, insurance partner is needed. Our range of executive risk insurance products and services draw upon our experienced teams’ technical underwriting expertise and claims insight, to ensure that organisations are resilient against the shifting sands of business liability landscape.