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Any small or medium sized business that relies on computers and technology to function is at risk of suffering a cyber-attack. This incident can affect the company’s ability to operate and its reputation. These businesses are particularly vulnerable as their IT security tends to be less sophisticated and they have fewer resources available to them to prepare, manage and recover from an incident.  
We have designed our market leading Cyber Beazley Breach Response (BBR) solution to help businesses prepare, manage and recover from a cyber incident. Our insurance solution offers much more than just paying a claim should the worst happen.   
Our service is broken down into 3 integral parts:  

1. Pre-breach – we help clients to understand the cover, the risks and educate their employees about effective cyber security and risk management processes. 
Our clients also benefit from:

  •  Port scans - setup to spot weaknesses in their IT security system
  •  Access to a portal of information on IT security
  •  Access to a network of vendors experienced in improving and handling cyber risk

2. Breach response – if a cyber incident occurs, our in-house Cyber Services Team will work side by side with our client until the incident is resolved.  

3. Claims support - our award winning cyber & tech claims team is at the forefront of defending clients against cyber incidents. 

The type of protection that our coverage includes: 

Breach Response
The types of services include:

  • Legal Services
  • Computer forensics services
  • Call centre services
  • Credit monitoring, identity monitoring for other personal fraud or loss  prevention solutions
  • Public relations and crisis management expenses

First Party: Your losses

  • Business interruptions caused from a security breach or system failure 
  • Dependent business interruption loss from security breach or system failure
  • Data recovery 

Third Party: Your liability to others  

  • Media liability 
  • Regulatory defence and penalty costs 
  • Payment card liability and costs 
  • Third party information security and privacy coverage 


  • Social Engineering - a practice of contacting another person with the goal of transfer of funds to an imposter:  the funds are transferred willingly by an honest employee being spoofed
  • Funds transfer fraud 
  • Telephone fraud 

Criminal Reward Coverage



Registered brokers can place our Cyber BBR Small Business Solution cover via the myBeazley platform.

How can we help

Helping SMEs manage cyber incidents swiftly and smoothly 

We have years of experience and a long track record in providing cyber insurance. Our expertise includes helping tens of thousands of clients manage and get their business back on track following a cyber-attack or data breach. This means that we understand how overwhelming and shocking an incident can be, and it is why we created this market-leading, fully-fledged cyber cover to support businesses. 

In the event of an incident our Cyber Services Team works alongside clients to investigate the source and take steps to resolve and prevent further spread of the incident. This is done via specialist service providers and vendor services.

Service Providers 

The Cyber Services team will continue to collaborate with clients throughout the investigation and response process, to provide guidance and to arrange breach investigation and response services provided by our network of expert service providers.

Our team assigns a taskforce of experts to help manage the incident including: 

  • Supportive forensics team to get to the bottom of the threat 
  • Experienced lawyers to advise on and handle legal matters relating to the incident 
  • Notifications and call centres to update affected individuals  
  • Credit monitoring to pin down fraud and monitor other possible personal fraud 
  • Public Relations services to help clients protect the reputation of their business 

Find out about our full range of cyber services here

Vendor Services 

Our cyber policyholders can benefit from discounted rates for anti-phishing tools and training, email security services and best practices, cyber risk analysis and other pre-breach services through our carefully selected vendors of cyber security experts.

We also pay for the associated costs through our critically acclaimed Claims Service to further support the handling of the aftermath of a cyber incident. 


For assistance contact actions.CML [at] beazley.com or call 0207 674 7063 and choose option 3.

Who we can help

  • Consumer services 
  • Educational products & services 
  • Construction, contractors and related services 
  • Financial services 
  • Banking services 
  • Asset management 
  • Hospitals 
  • Health services 
  • Entertainment services 
  • Hospitality; eating & drinking places 
  • Retail 

Where Is This Offered?

The UK 

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Examples or Scenarios

A healthcare organisation’s offices in Paddington, Cambridge and Newcastle were affected by a computer virus. Forensic investigators determined that protected health information and personally identifiable information were not compromised by the incident. However the healthcare organisation incurred data losses and expenses in responding to the virus, and we paid a claim of over £120,000 in data protection loss for our client.

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