What we offer

Our policy provides:

  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Right of privacy or publicity
  • Plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation of ideas
  • Negligence arising out of media content
  • Infliction of emotional distress
  • Title infringement
  • Policy periods of up to 7 years available
  • PR & crisis management costs available
  • Professional liability and cyber extensions available
  • Occurrence and claims made coverage available Target disciplines
  • Film and TV producers and distributors
  • Theatre production companies
  • Marketing, advertising and communications companies
  • Authors, journalists, publishers
  • Broadcasters, bloggers/vloggers, social media, Youtubers
  • High profile individuals
  • Music producers, composers, bands, artists

Up to US $10,000,000

How can we help

The media and entertainment industry is like no other - insurance needs are distinct and unique. We have a wealth of experience in providing tailored insurance cover designed to cover the distinct risks of this industry. We understand its particular characteristics and we offer many innovative insurance solutions.

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The Beazley Difference


Freedom lies in being bold. We dare to be different and seek bold possibilities to create more innovative, fair and satisfying outcomes for our clients, brokers and employees. From insuring the highest building in the world, to the first commercial lunar vehicle to operate on the moon - we boldly go where others won’t.


Good is a start, but we go all-out for better.  A driven community of individuals relentlessly push the needle and creating value. From launching the market’s first dedicated ESG syndicate to the establishment of our business unit focusing on designing digital insurance solutions, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond.  Simply put, at  Beazley we go to 11.  


Acting with integrity in a straightforward, decent way is instinctive. Open and honest with others, we show respect and empathy however challenging the situation – demonstrated by our multi-award winning claims team.  Doing the right thing makes for a fair-minded, rewarding environment and makes work and life better for all.

Examples or Scenarios

Journalism – Defamation claim 

Our Insured, a journalist, exposed a charity’s unethical financial practices. In response, the charity released various articles attacking our Insured’s credibility. Fortunately, the Insured had sought legal advice prior to publishing their article which concluded their exposé could not be deemed as defamatory. The Insured’s Beazley policy stepped in to support the Insured’s defence and the matter was ultimately dropped.

Film – Copyright Claim

Our Insured, a production company, received a copyright infringement claim. The claimant purported to have previously pitched his ideas to the production company who decided not to commission the film but had received his pitch positively. The claimant then saw a trailer for a film produced by the Insured and alleged his ideas had been used. The policy would have provided defence cover for the Insured, but our Insured was able to prove that the film was already in production when the claimant pitched his ideas and the claim therefore had no substance. 

Publishers – Breach of Privacy claim

We handled a breach of privacy claim against a publisher Insured who published and distributed a story regarding a eminent TV personality.  The claim against the Insured related to the claimant’s right to privacy versus the Insured’s right to publish news in the public interest.  

The matter was further complicated by Insured further distributing the story to other online news outlets. Issues around warranties regarding losses flowing from the original article being published became paramount.  The policy stepped into to protect the Insured from any claims arising out of its publication.