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Malicious threats like zero-day malware and ransomware are on the rise but businesses cannot ignore unintended disclosure and human error risks. Business interruption, cyber extortion, loss of critical operational data and electronic crime present critical risks that businesses must address.

In response, we equip all our clients with the cutting-edge pre-breach and risk management tools, services and techniques needed to minimize exposure and reduce vulnerabilities from the dangerous world of cyber risks. In the event of a cyber breach, clients work directly with our inhouse cyber services and claim specialists to resolve the incident.

Beazley Breach Response (BBR) is a privacy breach response management and information security insurance solution. The policy form is streamlined and comprehensive to cover organizations seamlessly in the event of a cyber incident.

Coverage includes: 

Breach response  

  • Legal services  
  • Computer forensic services 
  • Notification services   
  • Call center services
  • Credit monitoring, identity monitoring or other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions  
  • Public relations and crisis management expenses  
  • All of the policy’s multiple limits will be available for breach response.  


  • Business interruption loss from security breach or system failure  
  • Dependent business interruption loss from security breach or system failure  
  • Cyber extortion loss  
  • Data recovery loss  
  • Data and network liability.  


  • Third-party information security and privacy coverage  
  • Full media liability  
  • Regulatory defense and penalties  
  • Payment card liability and costs.  


  • Fraudulent instruction  
  • Funds transfer  
  • Telephone fraud.  
  • Criminal reward 
  • Limits up to $15m/€15m/£10m. 
  • e-trading available for accounts with revenues < $100m.  

How can we help

A cyber breach isn’t always a disaster. Mishandling it is. 

Helping clients manage cyber incidents successfully

Our inhouse Cyber Services specialists assist our clients at every stage of incident investigation and breach response to minimise threats and resolve the incident. 

They coordinate the carefully vetted forensics experts and specialized lawyers to help establish what’s been compromised; assess responsibility; and notify those individuals affected. Credit or identity monitoring for customers and PR advice is also available to help safeguard reputation.

Find out about our full range of cyber services and how to access your services providers.

We also, of course, indemnify losses from lawsuits or regulatory actions, the risk of which may be reduced by a well-coordinated breach response but can never be completely eliminated. 

Our claims team has been at the forefront of defending clients in the developing and evolving legal arena of privacy class actions and regulatory investigations arising from cyber breaches.

As cyber pioneers, we invented this approach. We do more of it than anybody else. To date we have managed thousands of breaches swiftly and successfully.

Pre-breach and risk management

Preparing for and preventing cyber incidents have become inseparable from insuring a cyber loss

As cyber pioneers with years of experience, our range of pre-breach support services and proactive risk management guidance enables clients to improve their controls and cyber security requirements to mitigate risks before an incident occurs.  

Our cyber clients get exclusive access to our risk management portal, beazleybreachsolutions.com, packed with resources for incident response planning, employee training, compliance, and security best practices.

Our Cyber Services team also coordinates a variety of pre-breach services such as onboarding calls, incident response plan review, live webinars and workshops so our clients can improve the robustness of their cybersecurity.

Smaller organizations are targeted as frequently as major corporations, but often lack access to the internal expertise and resources that large businesses can draw upon. Lodestone Security LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beazley plc, provides cybersecurity consulting services tailored to enhance our clients’ cyber defences with strategic and tactical services. 

Useful links

Small Businesses

For accounts under US$35m in revenues and maximum limits of US$5m brokers can access this product via the myBeazley platform, which provides them with the ability to get a quote and bind this product at the touch of a button. Find out more.  

Medium and Large Businesses

For accounts over US$35m in revenues and maximum limits over US$5m brokers can access this product via our Medium and Large BBR team.

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Examples or Scenarios

A school district was hit with ransomware and two of its servers were completely encrypted.  Critical documents were rendered inaccessible.  Cyber Services coordinated an engagement with forensics and legal counsel.  Forensics was able to quickly identify the type of ransomware and determine its known capabilities.  They were also able to find the decryption key for this particular strain of malware and use it to successfully restore all of the district's files. 

A manufacturer employee's active directory account was compromised. The hacker used the employee's mailbox to send emails requesting a money transfer to some outside account. Cyber Services arranged for the manufacturer to work with panel counsel and forensic firm. The forensic firm determined that no personally identifiable information had been compromised and the law firm determined the manufacturer had no obligation to notify. 

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